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  » Mr. Rorie Ebert, 12-08-2015
Hi Ary, Thank you for organising the tour. I will give a breakdown through positives and negatives about the respective areas of the tour. Positives: Joko - very careful, patient driver. He was able to skillfully negotiate the roads choosing the safest time to overtake and never made any rash decisions. This is the most important consideration when driving in Indonesia where there is usually one one lane of traffic and being able to overtake safely is paramount. Arrived before tour started to ensure everything was well planned. Organised all aspects to ensure a hassle free tour. Did extras like find out how much I should tip the guides in various areas. He stopped whenever we needed a break or to buy things. Another positive to Joko's driving is unlike many drivers who are inexperienced, he did not jerk the car with poor throttle control thereby causing the occupant's heads to bobble back and forth causing sickness. He was very smooth with his gear changes and throttle which is important when spending 6 ~ 7 hours travelling. Rafting - Very well organised and run. Great organisation to have working with you. The river guides were fun, professional and very welcoming to novices. This time of year is perfect as the water level is lower so a good time for beginners to go as if it were rainy season, the section of river we traversed would be a lot more challenging and not good for younger members. A good amount of time on the river and the pictures the guides took on their cameras added to the memories. I used a GoPro camera but could not have got the photos they did. Ijen Crater hotel - (Not near Ijen but the place we stayed at before climbing) After a lot of early nights, this was the break we needed. Lovely hotel with very good facilities. If I had of known that this was such a rushed tour (no one's fault but my own) I would have asked to stay here one more day before climbing Ijen. With younger children this would have been a better option. Ijen crater guide - Very good guide who helped when my oldest daughter was sick and had to come back down the mountain. I continued up by myself. He came back up after taking the girls down the mountain to ensure I was ok. Negatives: Bromo Accommodation - SM Bromo Hotel/Motel - I believe I paid extra for this hotel. If so, then I should ask for my money back. Please do not put your guests in this hotel especially not room 001 right next to the managers room. For starters, the rooms are not properly sound proofed so all the noise from the car park right infront every room comes in through the venting in the front of the room. As cars/jeeps/motorbikes are driving up the road all night, and the road is so close all the sound comes in. Fruthermore, the car park is directly infront of the room. All the cars that enter at night or leave at various times of the night to get to the top leave their engines running and the talking from the drivers and tourists enters the room. After twice speaking to the manager about the noise from his office as well as the noise in the car park, I put towels into the large venting holes so as to drown out the noise. Yes it was necessary and also required as the start of the day is 3am to see sun rise. Please don't put any more visitors to Bromo at that hotel. Please ask Joko as well about his thoughts on the hotel, he can confirm my evaluation. (Yes it is fairly new, but the noise is unacceptable and the design of the hotel will always ensure that the rooms are noisy). Mt. Bromo jeep - The jeep that took us up the mountain was poorly sealed at the back. Many old jeeps have this problem which allows the exhaust gases to come into the cabin and is not very healthy. A strong breeze from the front is needed or proper sealing of the back doors. Ijen crater jeep - The jeep that took us up the mountain was poorly sealed at the back. Many old jeeps have this problem which allows the exhaust gases to come into the cabin and is not very healthy. A strong breeze from the front is needed or proper sealing of the back doors. Distances - The distances are quite great which meant a long time in the car. I saw many people with young children who do it but it is not what I like to do. (no one's fault, just stating an opinion). Ary, we had a great time. Joko's English was enough for us to understand but some may find it difficult. As he was very pleasant and well organised we didn't see it as a problem. For other guests, it may be worth while to tell them before they arrive who the driver taking them will be. That way they know who to expect on the first day. A picture of the driver would also help as we are trusting all of our belongings and family to a stranger. If there is anything else I can do to assist, please email. Kind regards, Rorie Ebert
  » Dong Hai, 12-08-2015
Hello Ary, The driver Joko is very good. Guide’s performance is very good at the water fall and Ijen they show us every interesting details and we hope they can speak more English so we can know more interesting knowledge. In general, we are very satisfied with this trip. Thanks for your good arrangement. BR Dong, Hai
  » Steve, 12-08-2015
Fantastic . -all really helpful.

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