"The best way travel to Mount Bromo Ijen Bali"
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  » Amalina&Dian (Singapore), 17-01-2016
Hi Ivone Apologies for the delay in response. We are doing great, thanks. Hope you and your colleagues are well. 1. Itinerary We had a great time in Surabaya. The itinerary was well thought through. Antonius was very quick to reply our quotation request, and our many queries about the status of the volcanic eruptions in Probolingo. Thanks Antonius for being very patient with us! We appreciate the small things that the tour agency did for us such as, amongst other things, providing bottled mineral water, ponchos and gas masks (for use at Mt Ijen). This added service certainly made the trip a pleasurable one. 2. Pak Sukirman Our driver, Pak Sukirman, is very friendly and accommodating. We particularly enjoyed the fables and stories of the Majapahit empire that he shared during the long ride(s) from the city to Banyuwangi and subsequently, to Probolingo. We hope that Pak Sukirman did not mind our very poor Bahasa Indonesia which was most often peppered with colloquial Malay. Save for diction and accent, our respective native tongues are more or less similar. For this reason, we were able to communicate fairly well with one another. Pak Sukirman had given several recommendations of good souvenir shops to get some oleh-oleh for our family and friends at home. The keropoks that we bought are all very yummy! Thanks Pak Sukirman! 3. Accommodation The hotels that were picked out for us were quite clean and comfortable, although there were far too many flies Cafe Lava (yikes). We did not mind this considering it was just a one night stay, although we do not think that we can say the same had we stayed any longer than that! Indonesia is a very beautiful place! We enjoyed the sights and sounds at all the various places that we visited. Truly magical - especially at the crater of Mount Ijen and high up in the mountains at Probolingo. We will certainly be back again some day. Thank you Antonius, Ivone, Pak Sukirman and the team for a job well done! Warm Regards Dian & Amalina
  » Chaitanya Ganorkar (Singapore), 14-01-2016
Hi Antonius..Fabulous! Driver was very warm and the overall arrangements were very good. All in all a great experience i would say. Regards, Chaitanya
  » Dewi (New York), 10-01-2016
Thanks for organizing a wonderful tour for the four of us! Iqbal was very kind. Everything went smoothly - Ijen and Bromo are really amazing!

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