"The best way travel to Mount Bromo Ijen Bali"
isi testimonial
  » Sergey (Russian), 27-02-2016
Hi Antonius..all was great,i can provide feedback in tripadvisor.Thanks!
  » Jo Wong (Malaysia), 11-02-2016
Hello Ary, Thanks for checking up on us after the tour, we have arrived home safely yesterday and I was about to write to you about our feedback. Overall, it was a memorable experience, thanks for tailoring the tour to all our needs. Nico was an excellent driver, guide and companion to have for discovering bromo and ijen. Not only is he dedicated and accommodative to our needs, he also prioritises our safety during the long hours of driving as well as during the outdoor activities. We are very satisfied with the attention to details, from the snack preparations in the car down to the raincoats. We highly recommend Nico as he is a passionate individual who loves what he is doing, which translates during our interactions with him. Thanks Ary, and should we have the opportunity to return, I will definitely contact you for your services. Best regards, Jo
  » Ania & Marysia(Poland), 01-02-2016
Hi Antonius&Ivone..Hi, I had the pleasure od participating in tour from your biuro, w nich ended yesterday. I very much appreciate the high quality service that you provided and Sukirman wonderfull driver. Best wishes from Ania and Marysia

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