AWESOME WATERFALLS - BROMO - IJEN (4 days & 3 nights) Start in Surabaya

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Great way to visit two volcanos is to take an epic road trip/tour across East Java, stopping at all the best sights like the Mount Bromo sunrise, the Ijen crater, and some of Java’s famous waterfalls.


Itinerary : (Private tours)


Pick up your arrival at Surabaya airport (before 10 AM), approximately 4 hours drive to Pronojiwo Lumajang, At Tumpak Sewu Waterfall is a panorama point which serves as the main overlook, where you can see the falls from above. This is an awesome viewpoint, especially if you have a drone to send up even higher. No hiking is required to see Tumpak Sewu from the overlook, just a short little walk from the parking area. The waterfall is super photogenic. With a drone, you can even see the Mount Semeru volcano in the background, or if you use a drone to look straight down at the waterfall in the ravine it looks like a tree of life shape. Don’t stay at the overlook too long, because you still have to see the waterfall from below, After explore, stay overnight at Tumpaksewu homestay. Free program


Start at 06:00 AM, then drive around 20 minutes to Kapas biru waterfall, The hike is pretty straightforward and only takes about 30 minutes one way. The way back is very uphill though, so you may want to bring some water. There’s one slightly sketchy section where you climb down a ladder, but it’s not too bad and only takes a minute to be done with. When you reach a clearing with some rice paddies, you’ll know you’re almost to the waterfall, explore total around 2 hours. The best lighting for this is early in the morning before the sun gets high, otherwise taking the right photos can be more of a challenge.Head down the path for about 30 minutes to reach the bottom of the ravine. The path is mostly bamboo steps with bamboo railings, and it’s a little sketchy in spots, but nothing too terrible. Just proceed carefully.There are a lot of good photo spots next to the waterfall, but be aware that the rocks are very slippery. Second visit Kabut pelangi waterfall, Kabut Pelangi is located in a huge yet hidden niche. The waterfall is surrounded by massive cliffs, covered with moss. This creates a really wonderful panorama. The hike to Kabut Pelangi takes about 45 minutes one way. Going back takes a bit longer because it’s a steep hillside. It’s not a very difficult track to the main waterfall, but the path can be hard to see sometimes, especially if you go during or soon after the rainy season.You need to work a bit to get there but the waterfall is really worth all the hassle. At 02:00 PM leaving Lumajang then 4 to 5 hours drive to Cemoro lawang, stay at CAFE LAVA or similar. Free program


Bromo Tour start at  03:30 AM the Jeep is waiting in front of your hotel,meet our driver then by Jeep drive about 40 minute to view point. The sunrises can be spectacular depending on weather conditions, after sunrise back to jeep parking area and you will be heading to mount Bromo around 30 min,The Jeep will park near Luhur Poten temple, then walk 30 minutes one way to the top of mount bromo, the last part is a stairs, climb up 245 stair to reach the top of mount bromo, from the crater rim, you can see the active Bromo crater. Approximately 08.00 AM the 4WD will bring you back to the hotel for take a shower and have breakfast. At 09.00 AM checking out and heading to Banyuwangi, approximately 7 hours drive, stay overnight at Ketapang Indah Hotel or similar. Free program

** Half way around 3.5 hours drive, we will rest or have lunch or drink coffee


You will depart at 00:00 AM our driver will pick you up then 1.5 hours drive from Banyuwangi to paltuding, the entrance to Mount Ijen. At 01:30 AM you willl climb with our guide you needed around 1.5 hours to reach ijen peak, after that 30 minutes down to the crater, you will through a rocky path. When you arrived at the bottom of ijen crater, you will see amazing blue flames. At 05:00 AM you will climb back to the top of mount ijen, enjoy scenery. At 06:00 AM back to Paltuding around 1 hour walking, then 1.5 hours drive back to the hotel for have a breakfast and shower. At 10:00 AM checking out, then transfer out to ketapang harbor or second option back to Surabaya around 8 hours drive. Finish program


**There is no guarantee that you will go down the crater/blue fire on the day of your trip, nature is unpredictable and if due to massive sulphur  clouds it is too dangerous on that day to go down, you have to respect it for your own safety.

**If the tour end at Surabaya Airport, after ijen tour not back to hotel, but directly to Surabaya airport. Please make your flight departure after 04:00 PM (depart 07.30 AM from Paltuding - arrive Surabaya airport approx 03.00 PM) or second option the itinerary will be changed, the first day to ijen area, stay overnight and the second day after visiting ijen crater to Bromo area, so the thrid day after bromo tour directly to Surabaya airport.


For fair price and discuss the program, please send us inquiry about your trip desire, fast response via:

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 : +62 8213 999 1150


  1. Private car with air cond,gasoline,driver,parking, toll
  2. Jeep 4WD for Sunrise tour to View Point and Mt Bromo
  3. Private car from hotel to paltuding/Ijen
  4. 1 night hostel in Pronojiwo Lumajang (basic accommodation)
  5. 1 night hotel in Bromo (private bathroom, hot shower)
  6. 1 night hotel in Ijen area (private bathroom, hot shower, air cond)
  7. Meal: 3x breakfast
  8. Daily mineral water
  9. Entrance fee Bromo
  10. Entrance fee Ijen
  11. All entrance fee waterfalls
  12. Local guide Tumpaksewu waterfall
  13. English speaking Local guide Bromo
  14. English speaking Local Guide Ijen 
  15. Gas Masks in Ijen
  16. Ferry ticket


  1. Horse riding in Mt Bromo   
  2. Lunch - Dinner
  3. Personal expenses (laundry, bar, etc)
  4. Personal insurance/travel insurance 
  5. Local guide kapas biru & kabut pelangi waterfall (by request)                             

** No hidden fees

Additional information:

  1. For reservation, please down payment send to My PayPal: Antonius Antonius, and balance payment upon arrival/when you're picked up
  2. Please reconfirm a week before your arrival for make sure you come 
  3. Not wheelchair accessible
  4. No heart problems or other serious medical conditions
  5. This is a private tour/activity. Only your group will participate
  6. Mount Bromo and Cemoro Lawang can be pretty chilly before sunrise since they’re 2,329 meters (7,641 ft) above sea level,the elevation at the viewpoint is a whopping 2,770 meters (9,088 ft). Temperatures can drop below 7 Celsius (45 F), and that doesn’t even factor in wind chill. It can get incredibly windy on the mountain peaks, and dry season is cooler than rainy season. However, you’ll only be chilly before sunrise. After that it warms up pretty quick, and the sun at this elevation is plenty strong.
  7. Mount Ijen can be pretty chilly before sunrise since it’s well above sea level.Temperatures can drop below 7 Celsius (45 F), and it can get windy too since you’re on an exposed mountain. Still, it’s best to dress in layers, because when you’re hiking up the mountain you’ll warm up pretty quick and may even get hot
  8. What should I pack? flashlight, personal medicine, warm clothing, other stuff like rain jacket, good pair of hiking shoes or sneakers, Be ready to wet: swim suit (you’ll need it if you want to jump in the water),bringing a dry bag to keep your camera, drone, or other electronics safe, in Bromo please bringing glasses/goggles and a proper face mask to avoid inhaling ash or getting it in your eyes.
  9. Ijen will closed on friday of 1st week, every month

Cancellation policy:

In case of cancellation is made, BROMOIJEN Tour Transport has the right to retain compensation out of the agreed cost in the following way:

30 to 15 days before your trip start – 50% of the total down payment
Cancellations after such date will not be eligible for refunds as Bromoijen Tour Transport would have paid for your trip’s logistics already.