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Thank you for organizing such a wonderful trip for us Ary! All of our tour guides at Madakaripura to Bromo to Ijen were very friendly. Would like to specially convey my thanks to our driver Pak Bas... detail

Toni (Singapore)
Thank you Ary!! for your arrangement, we enjoyed the trip very much. It was an amazing tour for us. Thank you. In addition, you are having a good driver. Mr Harry is really responsible and dedica... detail

Cheryl Ng (Singapore)
Thank you for arranging the tour for us. We really enjoyed ourselves! I am happy to write a review for you here. I did the Mt Bromo and Ijen Crater (blue flames) trip in September 2016 with two ot... detail

Matteo Elli (Italy)
Hi Ary, We would like to tell you that everything went very well with Itong. He was very nice and ready to meet our needs! The tours to Bromo and Ijen luckly were great! We have some ideas to bring... detail

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  » Ania & Marysia(Poland), 01-02-2016
Hi Antonius&Ivone..Hi, I had the pleasure od participating in tour from your biuro, w nich ended yesterday. I very much appreciate the high quality service that you provided and Sukirman wonderfull driver. Best wishes from Ania and Marysia
  » Andrzej Chmielowiec(Poland), 28-01-2016
Hi Antonius, Thank you for organising this trip. Zwiedzaliśmy Indonezję w 5 osób. Igbal od początku do samego końca dbał o nasz komfort. Niesamowicie pogodny, przyjazny, bezproblemowy, otwarty i uśmiechnięty człowiek. Do tego znajomość języka angielskiego, zwłaszcza w tej części świata była nie do przecenienia. Jeśli czegoś nie był w stanie powiedzieć, albo zrozumieć w pierwszej chwili nie poddawał się, zadawał dodatkowe pytania, tłumaczył - zależało mu na tym, aby finalnie wszystko było jasne i wszyscy byli zadowoleni. Oprócz dobrej znajomości trasy i miejsc, które były na naszym szlaku do zwiedzenia [tu mozna dodać co zwiedzaliśmy] oferował nam przez cały czas opiekę, kręcił się zawsze w pobliżu i obserwował czy wszystko jest w porządku. Oprócz zaplanowanych atrakcji częstował nas lokalnymi przysmakami, zależało mu na tym, abyśmy mieli jak najbardziej pozytywne wrażenia z podróży. Miejsca, w których nocowaliśmy w ramach wycieczki po wulkanach (Bromo i Ijen) bardzo komfortowe i klimatyczne. Jeśli się wahasz czy warto zaoszczędzić i jednak wybrać tańszą firmę, lub organizować wycieczkę na własną rękę - to na pewno warto się dobrze zastanowić. Czasami za spokój ducha i sprawnie zorganizowaną wycieczkę warto zapłacić nieco więcej. Thanks, Andrzej
  » Amalina&Dian (Singapore), 17-01-2016
Hi Ivone Apologies for the delay in response. We are doing great, thanks. Hope you and your colleagues are well. 1. Itinerary We had a great time in Surabaya. The itinerary was well thought through. Antonius was very quick to reply our quotation request, and our many queries about the status of the volcanic eruptions in Probolingo. Thanks Antonius for being very patient with us! We appreciate the small things that the tour agency did for us such as, amongst other things, providing bottled mineral water, ponchos and gas masks (for use at Mt Ijen). This added service certainly made the trip a pleasurable one. 2. Pak Sukirman Our driver, Pak Sukirman, is very friendly and accommodating. We particularly enjoyed the fables and stories of the Majapahit empire that he shared during the long ride(s) from the city to Banyuwangi and subsequently, to Probolingo. We hope that Pak Sukirman did not mind our very poor Bahasa Indonesia which was most often peppered with colloquial Malay. Save for diction and accent, our respective native tongues are more or less similar. For this reason, we were able to communicate fairly well with one another. Pak Sukirman had given several recommendations of good souvenir shops to get some oleh-oleh for our family and friends at home. The keropoks that we bought are all very yummy! Thanks Pak Sukirman! 3. Accommodation The hotels that were picked out for us were quite clean and comfortable, although there were far too many flies Cafe Lava (yikes). We did not mind this considering it was just a one night stay, although we do not think that we can say the same had we stayed any longer than that! Indonesia is a very beautiful place! We enjoyed the sights and sounds at all the various places that we visited. Truly magical - especially at the crater of Mount Ijen and high up in the mountains at Probolingo. We will certainly be back again some day. Thank you Antonius, Ivone, Pak Sukirman and the team for a job well done! Warm Regards Dian & Amalina
  » Chaitanya Ganorkar (Singapore), 14-01-2016
Hi Antonius..Fabulous! Driver was very warm and the overall arrangements were very good. All in all a great experience i would say. Regards, Chaitanya
  » Dewi (New York), 10-01-2016
Thanks for organizing a wonderful tour for the four of us! Iqbal was very kind. Everything went smoothly - Ijen and Bromo are really amazing!
  » Andy Georgiou (London), 06-01-2016
Hi Antonius! We finished our tour today and wanted to thank you for your great service. We also wanted to say thank you to Sukirman. He was an excellent driver and did a fantastic job. We felt very safe and he was very helpful throughout the tour. Thanks,Andy
  » Shahrman Nayan (Singapore), 05-01-2016
Hi Antonius! Though my first time... One of the best service in all my travels.
  » Natalya Belyavskaya (Russia), 03-01-2016
Hi Antonius..Thank you for organizing the trip! Everything was great! enjoyed it very much! Happy New Year!
  » Melisa Cieri (Buenos Aires), 21-12-2015
Hello Antonius, Iqbal and Agus gave the best service, not only they were extremely punctual, kind and respectful but made us feel like going on holidays with friends. Thank you very much Antonius!
  » Elaine Sung (Canada), 16-12-2015
Hi Ary, I have finally returned home to Canada so that I can send you my review. I am glad we decided to go with your company. Iqbal was a wonderful driver who not only drove very safely, he was able to accomodate us when we booked our hotel 3 hours away from ijen crater instead of 30 minutes away from ijen crater. From pick up at the Surabaya airport to drop off at our hotel in Kuta, I can say that your company is very organized. I also appreciate that you are quick to return email messages and you offered the best pricing. Thanks again for providing a great service and I will be recommending you to friends who are interested in touring java.

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